Sat, Jun 22, 2024, 11:44:28

About Blarify is a community which gives users the ability to comment on articles around the web. As media outlets continue to disable the comment sections native to their own websites, blarify is an alternative which provides users the chance to voice their opinions and read those of others.


We started blarify in the wake of this trend in order to curb this dangerous behavior. When news is served consistently without any device to dicuss or rebuke, a narrative is made that serves only the interest of the media publisher. This is not the way news, opinions or any form of literature should be delivered.


We empower users with the freedom to speak their minds without centralized moderation. The community is free to upvote or downvote opinions based on personal criteria. Comments that have lopsided downvotes will be removed from threads. Users who have exceptionally low blare flair will be banned from commenting further. We leave the power to remove low-quality comments and users up to the community.


We hope to provide the platform for a sharing of ideas whether they are filled with opposing or like-minded views. When we can demonstrate the ability to listen to one another, we demonstrate the demand for truth.