blarify Discuss articles and topics from MSM websites. Comment boards for Yahoo, ESPN, CNN and IMDB. GOP moves to contain Herschel Walker amp;#x27;s latest scandal | CNN Politics - blarify Herschel Walker and his campaign are scrambling to contain the fallout from a new report alleging that the hardline anti-abortion candidate paid for his then-girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009. Wed, 5 Oct 2022 11:15:01 GMT American citizen Baquer Namazi leaves Iran after being held for more than six years | CNN Politics - blarify Baquer Namazi, an elderly American wrongfully detained in Iran, is on his way out of the country for surgery in the United Arab Emirates, his family said in a statement on Wednesday. Wed, 5 Oct 2022 06:45:04 GMT Biden amp;#x27;s student loan forgiveness application is coming soon. Here amp;#x27;s what you need to know | CNN Politics - blarify The application for President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan is expected to go live as soon as this week. Tue, 4 Oct 2022 08:00:02 GMT National Archives alerted lawyers for Trump about missing letters with North Korean leader in May 2021 | CNN Politics - blarify The National Archives alerted lawyers for former President Donald Trump in May 2021 that Trump's letters with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un -- and two dozen boxes of records -- were missing, according to new correspondence the Archives released on Monday. Tue, 4 Oct 2022 03:00:02 GMT Takeaways from the dramatic first day and opening statements of the Oath Keepers Jan. 6 trial | CNN Politics - blarify With the historic case that they had brought against Oath Keepers accused of plotting to attack the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, prosecutors framed up how the jury should think about the allegations with an hour-plus opening statement that kicked off the trial in earnest. Tue, 4 Oct 2022 12:45:01 GMT Inflation relief checks: Why some economists warn they could fuel rising prices | CNN Politics - blarify Several states are sending taxpayers money to help them cope with inflation, but some economists warn that the payments will do little to alleviate the pain of rising costs and could further fuel inflation. Tue, 4 Oct 2022 09:00:03 GMT US considering responses to possible Russian escalation in Ukraine, including its potential use of tactical nuclear weapons | CNN Politics - blarify Increasingly concerned Vladimir Putin will escalate Russia's war in Ukraine, the US is considering how to respond to a range of potential scenarios, including fears Russians could use tactical nuclear weapons, according to three sources briefed on the latest intelligence. Tue, 4 Oct 2022 09:00:02 GMT US airstrike killed an al-Shabaab leader in Somalia on Saturday | CNN Politics - blarify A US airstrike in Somalia killed an al-Shabaab militant leader on Saturday in coordination with the Somali government, US Africa Command said in a statement. Mon, 3 Oct 2022 11:00:05 GMT Curtain lifts on another historic Supreme Court term in the new normal | CNN Politics - blarify Chief Justice John Roberts is looking forward to the start of the Supreme Court's new term on Monday, especially now that the public will be able to attend oral arguments in person and the metal barricades erected to ward off protestors on the plaza have been removed. Mon, 3 Oct 2022 10:30:02 GMT The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 | CNN Politics - blarify The race for the Senate is in the eye of the beholder less than six weeks from Election Day, with ads about abortion, crime and inflation dominating the airwaves in key states as campaigns test the theory of the 2022 election. Mon, 3 Oct 2022 10:30:02 GMT Biden announces return of seven American detainees from Venezuela | CNN Politics - blarify President Joe Biden on Saturday announced the return of seven Americans he said were wrongfully detained in Venezuela for "years." Sat, 1 Oct 2022 07:45:02 GMT American citizen held in Iran for more than six years released to seek medical treatment, UN spokesperson says | CNN Politics - blarify An elderly American wrongfully held in Iran for more than six years has been permitted to leave the country "to seek medical treatment abroad," according to a statement from UN Secretary General spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric. Sat, 1 Oct 2022 05:45:02 GMT US Army doctor and anesthesiologist charged with conspiring to provide US military medical records to Russian government | CNN Politics - blarify A wife and husband from Maryland have been charged with conspiring to provide the Russian government with personal medical records from the US government and military, according to a newly unsealed federal indictment. Fri, 30 Sep 2022 08:45:02 GMT Trump won amp;#x27;t have to back up claims about FBI planting evidence in court after judge rejects part of special master amp;#x27;s plan | CNN Politics - blarify Former President Donald Trump got another boost in his bid to challenge the FBI search of his Florida home, with US District Judge Aileen Cannon reshaping the plan put forward by the special master she appointed to review the materials seized at Mar-a-Lago last month. Fri, 30 Sep 2022 06:15:02 GMT Supreme Court investiture marks another historic first for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson | CNN Politics - blarify The Supreme Court, a place bound by tradition and formality, will hold one of its most scripted rituals on Friday for a justice whose appointment broke the mold of history. Fri, 30 Sep 2022 06:15:01 GMT NY attorney general wants to expedite lawsuit against Trumps and their business | CNN Politics - blarify The New York attorney general wants to expedite her civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, his family members and the Trump Organization, and set a trial date before the end of 2023. Thu, 29 Sep 2022 09:00:02 GMT Germany will borrow $200 billion to cap consumers amp;#x27; energy bills | CNN Business - blarify The German government announced plans to borrow €200 billion ($195 billion) to cap natural gas prices for households and businesses. That's a bigger price tag than the £150 billion ($165 billion) the UK government is expected to borrow to finance its own price cap. Thu, 29 Sep 2022 01:30:04 GMT Nord Stream pipelines: European security officials observed Russian Navy ships in vicinity of leaks | CNN Politics - blarify European security officials on Monday and Tuesday observed Russian Navy support ships in the vicinity of leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines likely caused by underwater explosions, according two Western intelligence officials and one other source familiar with the matter. Thu, 29 Sep 2022 08:15:02 GMT Maggie Haberman amp;#x27;s new book: Trump nearly fired Jared and Ivanka via tweet | CNN Politics - blarify Then-President Donald Trump nearly fired his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner from the White House via tweet, according to a new book from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. Thu, 29 Sep 2022 08:15:02 GMT US scrambles F-15 jet to shoot down Iranian drone that appeared to threaten US forces in Iraq | CNN Politics - blarify The US scrambled an F-15 jet to shoot down an Iranian drone that appeared to be heading towards US forces in Erbil, Iraq, on Wednesday, a US official told CNN. Thu, 29 Sep 2022 12:00:04 GMT